Unless you have found a way to never use any of your drains, then you have probably had nasty drain odors from time to time. The bad news is drains smell sometimes, the good news is you don’t need tough chemicals to get rid of the odors. Some bad smells can even be prevented.

Keep the Trap Full

One of the most common causes of odor in drains is because the water trap has gone dry. Every drain has a water trap that holds water at all times to create a block between your home and all the gross things lurking further down the pipe.

If water is not run down a drain for a long time, the water in the trap will evaporate and the nasty smells will make their way through. To get rid of the smells either run or pour water down the drain and it should be gone in a few seconds.

Clean the Pipes

If it’s not a dry water trap it could be that a smelly biofilm has formed up inside the drain pipe. This is more common in kitchen sinks and drains where food and other things are washed down.

If you have a garbage disposal you should remove the plastic guard with soap and water. Pour a cup of baking soda down the drain and then let it sit for about 20 minutes, heat a large pan of water until its boiling and pour it down the sink to rinse the backing soda. This should help to clean the pipes and the drain that is attached.

If that doesn’t do the trick it might be time to call for a plumber.

Call in the Pros

When you start to notice the same smell coming from multiple drains that is when the real trouble starts. If the water traps are full and the smell is coming from everywhere, more than likely you have a larger problem deeper in the sewer system.

This could be an issue with your plumbing equipment or the local sewer authority. Consider calling your utility provider to explore the problem.

If they find that the sewer problem is on your end you will need to get in touch with us to find the source.

Published on:

Monday, September 9, 2019