Did last winter season take a toll on your plumbing? Where you dealing with uncomfortable problems or irritating noises?

It’s easy to ignore the issues until the weather warms up, but you may end up having to pay an expensive emergency repair.


If you flush more things down your pipes than you should, you can end up with a bad clog. Cold weather can make us hope for the best and put off finding a fix until it warms up. At best, you’ll be faced with an irritatingly slow drain until the problem is fixed. However, ignoring a clog could lead to a backup in your pipes or end up with a leak.

Water Heater Problems

It might take longer to feel hot water since the water sitting in your pipes is colder, but your water heater should maintain the same temperature even during winter. If your hot water isn’t coming out at the set temperature, it could be a sign that your water heater is poorly insulated or that you have a leak allowing cold water to come in even when only the hot water valve is open. Remember: the more your water heater has to work, the more money you have to spend, so don’t settle for turning up the heat a little or deciding your water is warm enough this winter.

Frozen Pipes

Frozen pipes don’t just turn your water to ice and keep you from running your faucet; they can crack your pipes or break rubber gaskets leading to leaks. Some of these leaks may be too small or too hidden to notice, but over time they can add up to big water bills or big damage to your home.

Get Help Now

Avoid running up your utility bills or having to pay for an emergency repair next winter. Talk to us at Downs Plumbing, Heating & Water Treatment, trust us to make repairs that will last many winters to come.

We can take a look at any of your problem areas or do a full inspection of your home. Contact us now to set up an appointment with us now or just give us a call.

Published on:

Thursday, November 14, 2019